What are the Cenotes?

Discover what a cenote is and why they are so fascinating!

In this post I am going to tell you what a cenote is and why they are so fascinating.

A cenote is a natural formation that occurs when the roof of a cave collapses, revealing an underground pool of water.

They are very common in the Yucatán peninsula, in Mexico, where there are thousands of them connected by a system of underground rivers. Cenotes were very important to the Mayan culture, which considered them portals to the underworld and sacred places to perform rituals and sacrifices strong>.

They are also home to a great diversity of life, from aquatic plants to fish, turtles and bats.

They can be different shapes and sizes, depending on their age and how they formed. Some are open, others have vertical walls or slanted, and still others are caves with side entrances.

They are a natural wonder that is worth knowing and exploring. If you like adventures, diving or history, the cenotes offer you a unique and unforgettable experience.

And if you come across a Mayan spirit, don’t be scared, they just want to greet you and tell you a joke. Would you like to visit them?

Cenote X´Batún

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