Cenoteando is a non-profit organization committed to the study of cenotes for their conservation. We believe that investing effort in understanding cenotes as ecosystems will allow us to make informed decisions about them for sustainable use.

Our mission is to spread the knowledge and value of these unique ecosystems in the world, which are home to a great diversity of life and are direct access to the Yucatecan aquifer.

Our vision is to be an informative and educational reference about cenotes, as well as a meeting and collaboration space for all those interested in their conservation and sustainable use. We want to promote responsible tourism and respect for the culture and history of the people who inhabit this region.

To achieve our objectives, we have a team of professionals and amateurs who share their passion for cenotes, and who offer quality content on their geology, biology, archaeology, mythology and tourism.
In addition, we have a services section where you can find guides, tours, accommodations and activities related to the cenotes.

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