Approximately one hour from the city of Mérida, in the town of Pixyá.

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Approximately one hour from the City of Mérida, in the town of Pixyá, is the Suhem Open Cenote whose crystalline water stands out for creating a beautiful play of shadows and lights that crosses the water column.

This cenote offers a magical experience for those who visit it: when descending through the stairs one can be amazed by the view of the turquoise waters and the vegetation surrounding them. And you will be able to observe the great spectacle of the bats that come out like whirlpools entering the night.

Its depth varies from 4 meters to approximately 35 meters in the deepest area, which when submerged in its refreshing waters you can explore a fascinating underwater world full of aquatic life, where you can find various species of fish and aquatic plants.

In particular, it is a cenote suitable for diving, snorkeling or free swimming so if you want to dive into the depths without a doubt the strong>Cenote Suhem will transport you to a magical kingdom, surrounded by stalactites and unique formations.

You will discover a deep silence and a feeling of connection with nature that will take your breath away. Go ahead and live this unique adventure and explore the wonders hidden under the surface of a cenote !

$50-100 MXN

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  • Type of access: Stairs
  • SPP amenazadas o en peligro de extinción: No

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