Dorottya Angyal

Flooded cave fauna specialist

Zoologist, speleologist, technical diver, passionate about the study of taxonomy, molecular genetics and ecology of underground fauna, with a particular interest in peracarid crustaceans. Former curator of the Crustacean Collection at the Hungarian Natural History Museum.

Dorottya has been studying underground biodiversity since 2010. During her doctoral research carried out at the University of Pannonia (Hungary), he dedicated himself to the comprehensive taxonomic review of endemic cave-dwelling invertebrates. So far, in her country she has investigated more than 70 caves, which belong to seven karst areas. She had the opportunity to participate in academic exchanges and learn at the Sub-Bio Laboratory of the University of Ljubljana (Slovenia) and participate in several international speleological and zoological expeditions, among others in Albania, Bosnia Herzegovina, Croatia, Italy, Montenegro and Transylvania.

She joined the team of Dr. Nuno Simoes (UNAM UMDI-Sisal) in 2016 to study the stygofauna of the cenotes and submerged caves of the state of Yucatán. In addition to faunal, taxonomic and ecological exploration and research, its objective is to contribute to the conservation management of the studied underground ecosystems. To date, she has published more than 20 scientific articles/book chapters on speleobiological topics, and has created various dissemination materials (blog posts, articles in popular magazines, posters, infographics, interviews, etc.) to increase awareness about the caves and their inhabitants.

Dorottya Angyal is currently carrying out her postdoctoral program in collaboration with Dr. Maite Mascaró at the UMDI-Sisal, following her lines of interest, which is the study of the stygobitic fauna of the cenotes of Yucatán.